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Novplasta - production of polyethylene film

Since 1991 the Company Novplasta, s.r.o. Šenkvice, Slovakia deals with the LDPE films production. In the year 1999, the company transformed from natural to legal entity. In 2004 the company Novplasta extended its production by the range of HDPE film and garbage bags. Novplasta exports 70% of its products to Germany, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic. In the Czech Republic it is represented by Novplasta CZ , a 100% daughter-company. Novplasta has implemented the quality system ISO 9001 and holds several certificates of conformity. The guarantee of quality is over 20 years of family business experiences.

Ing. Novák JakubThe goal of our company is long-term supply of high quality product in good price relations by delivery dates keeping to our customers. Responsible approach to the environment is important value for company. The company supports rainforests saving projects.

We have over 20 years experiences in polyethylene film and bag production. We meet the high quality demands required by Western Europe customers. The key is innovation in production processes, because it is the only way how to react flexibly on changing requirements of our customers. Our products are used for further processing or directly for packaging.

We offer complex pre-production consulting.

Our sales people with technical experts will meet directly with the customer, to develop the best solution for the customer’s product packaging , according to his requirements and technical equipment. A part of consulting is ongoing individual customer service in the process of ordering, production monitoring and goods expedition.

Sales play a key role in our company. Customer satisfaction and a simple purchase of our products are the core tasks in our sales.

ISO 9001:2008